Fixed Prosthesis

The term prosthesis describes the replacement of lost organs or tissues with an artificial material, in shape and function. In dentistry, the rehabilitation of lost teeth or surrounding tissues with a number of materials is done with dental prostheses. In dentures containing a single tooth deficiency or a number of tooth deficiencies, prostheses made by using the front and back of the lost teeth are called fixed partial denture.

What is CAD-CAM?

CAD; Computer Aided Designed, CAM; Computer Aided Manufacturtoring are acronyms of the words. That means computer aided design and manufacturing. Today, this technology can be successfully applied in the dental field. Since all operations are planned in a 3D way in computer environment, both time savings are achieved and problems that may arise from human error can be minimized.

The processes in CAD-CAM system begin by taking measurements from inside the mouth (electronic scanners can also be used) and transferring this measurement to the computer environment. The relationship between teeth surfaces, steps, gums, and crowding teeth can be examined more clearly in 3-D computer environment. These possibilities enable us to make dentures that are much more suitable for the tooth and surrounding tissues.

Selection  of Fixed prosthesis

In the selection of materials, the dentist makes his / her decision by evaluating the dental, tissue factors and patient’s wishes.

The process is started by sahving the teeth in the first session. 2nd or 3rd treatment sessions may also be needed after taking the impressions.

The procedures can be completed and presented to the patient within 5 days by making use of the latest technological developments (3D computer design / CAD-CAM).

Fixed Prosthesis in Turkey