Immediate Implant And Loading

(Same Day Implant And Crown)

There are three basic approaches to replace a missing tooth or teeth including removable dental prosthesis, fixed dental prosthesis, and dental implants. Each alternative has its own benefits and shortcomings. It is important to consider the patient’s financial, medical, and emotional condition for the best treatment.

Most advanced way to replace missing teeth is dental implant which is designed to replicate the natural tooth root and crown of the natural tooth. This procedure preserves the gingival mucosa and bone with no damage to adjacent teeth. Conventional procedure for implant placement involves extraction of offending tooth, waiting 2–4 months for extraction socket to heal, insertion of implant, and again waiting for 3–6 months for integration of implant with surrounding bone; after this procedure, another surgery is necessary to expose the implant and to place a prosthetic abutment. Taking into consideration the prosthetic treatment, the patient had to wait up to 8–12 months for a lost tooth to be replaced.

Because of these shortcomings related to conventional technique, strategies were developed to substantially shorten the entire treatment by placement of implant immediately after extraction of tooth followed by immediate loading of implant with prosthesis.

immediate load implants put an end to long wait times between the steps of implant placement. This means that you get to enjoy natural-looking new teeth while the implant is healing—no more embarrassment due to having missing teeth.

A number of criteria must be assessed to determine whether immediate load implants are a good option for you. One of the main drawbacks of this procedure is that there may be restrictions on what you can eat until the implants have become fully integrated into the mouth.