Zirconium Crowns

As a result of the development of Dental porcelain and production systems, different restorative material options are presented today. Zirconium has also been one of these options. The introduction of high-strength zirconium to dentistry, which allows the construction of full porcelain crowns and bridges in the posterior region, has opened a new ground in this area and has been a serious alternative to metal fused porcelain restorations. While patients primarily adopt the aesthetic factor, dentists also have to make sure that restorations have factors such as marginal fit and fracture resistance for long-term clinical success. Despite their aesthetic and biological superiority, porcelain without metal support is fragile. For this reason, it has been attempted to increase the refractive resistances of these systems.

Zirconium based porcelain crowns are prostheses using zirconium alloy, which has a white color instead of metal. The advantages of zirconium crowns can be listed as follows:

  • It has an aesthetic appearance very close to the natural tooth.
  • It is much more aesthetic than porcelain fused metal crowns.
  • It reflects light.
  • Since white alloy is used as the substructure, no dark colored line is formed at the gum level.
  • It is 100% compatible with the human body. It does not have an allergic reaction.